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Lecture Schedule 2019-2020

July 17th - History of the Liberty Ship: S.S. John W. Brown

A look at the historical SS John W. Brown, one of the two still operational liberty ships, and one of three museum ships.  As a liberty ship, the SS. John W. Brown acted as a Merchant Marine ship during WWII

August 21st - Fraternal Benefits Knight

For Brother Knights, and those interested in learning about the benefits that are offered by being a Knight of Columbus.  The Knights of Columbus are a Fortune 1000 insurance company, protecting families, widows, and orphans.  By being a member of the Knight of Columbus, you're allowed privileged access to the insurance program.  Other benefits include a rosary, daily mass, family and fraternal benefits, scholarships, and leadership training

September 18th - Cockeysville Police Department

Officer Kevin Kahl will once again be speaking of the issues that concern the Cockeysville, Timonium, and Towson areas.  This is a great outreach by the Cockeysville police department, and helps inform the communities of any issues, or concerns.  It also is a great time to ask questions of the police directly.  

October 16th - Bob Hooper: "A Father's view of his Son's addiction and recovery"

Brother Knight, Bob Hooper, has seen addiction ravage a family first hand.  With the opioid epidemic still on going,  it is important for families to recognize the signs, and know when and how to take action.  Bob Hooper will focus on middle school and highschool age kids, and teach them how to avoid the temptations of drugs and alcohol.  

November 20th - TBD

December 18 - Knight's Advent Party (For Knights and their Families only)

This annual event in celebration of Advent and Christmas is limited to Knights and their families.  It is a great time to meet with members of community whom we support, as well as build fraternalism between members and their families.  

January 15th - Defend Life

As part of the annual March for Life, a guest speaker from Defend Life ( will talk about current concerns in the Pro-Life movement, and how Knights can help protect the unborn, children, families, and the elderly.  

February 19th - TBD

March 18th -  TBD

April 22nd -  TBD

May 20th -  TBD

June 17th -  TBD

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