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THE SMITH FAMILY - MARK & ANNE: Their tireless efforts as loving children, parents, and grandparents is inspiring. Within their large family, they continually demonstrate the Catholic faith and promote its teachings in both word and actions. They provide full-time in home care to Anne’s mom and have an unceasing commitment to their autistic son Patrick. They are vibrant members of Immaculate Conception parish and are active with the Adoration Chapel. Mark is a stalwart member of the Men’s Group, has provided leadership in the Exodus program, promotes the cause for Sainthood for Msgr. Wells, and has put his name forward as Chancellor for the Father O’Neill Council.

PATRICK MARQUEZ: For his support of Life issues as our Life Director, including his ongoing involvement and volunteering with Pregnancy Center North and notably for his recent effort to gather supplies in support of the Pregnancy Centers in Frederick, MD. He is an active participant in many Council and Parish programs. He provides spiritual insight in ongoing faith activities such as the Immaculate Conception Men’s Group and the Exodus program. Most importantly as the father of two young daughters, he strives to be a continual example to them for the importance of our Catholic Faith.

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