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Here are the results (all results were unanimous except where indicated):

Council Officers

Grand Knight: Bill McCarthy

Deputy Grand Knight: Jack Blinke

Chancellor: Murphy Burke

Warden: John Meredith

Recorder: Joe Norton

Treasurer: Richard Briggs

Inside Guard: Martin "Corky Finnerty"

Outside Guard: Ed Countess

1 Year Trustee: Dan Flannery

2 Year Trustee: John McFadden

3 Year Trustee: Steve Endres

Convention Delegate GK: Bill McCarthy

Convention Delegate PGK: George Hogan, PGK

Convention 1st Alternate: Jack Blinke

Convention 2nd Alternate: Chris Schaum, PGK

Fr. O'Neill Charities Board (2 Year Term ending June 30 2022)

To amend the bylaws to change the makeup of the Board to the Grand Knight, Four Officers, and up to two At-Large members: 

In Favor 28, Opposed 5 (amendment passed)

Board Member: Dick Bradford

Board Member: Dan Flannery

Board Member: Gus Muller

O'Neill Club of Towson Inc Board (3 Year Term ending June 30, 2023)

Board Member: Greg Burke, PGK

Board Member: Steve Endres

Board Member: Chris Schaum, PGK

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