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HONOREE'S - 03/03/21

At the March 3rd Business Meeting the Grand Knight announced the following honors:

  • Family of the Month Award The Kirk Family: Father Rob and his wife Reggie Littlejohn…for their faith...and for their faith in action. They exemplify what it means to put themselves out for God and his people. I have been blessed to have Fr. Kirk as my Chaplain…and I am so overjoyed at Reggie’s support of our Council, but also her support of women in need and fighting for life in Communist China. She is saving Lives…and if you wish to help, please consider donating to Women without Frontiers. The lecture she gave this month was both inspiring and moving.

  • Knight of the Month Award Ed Countess: Since my time as a Knight, I have seen him each month attend to his duty as a Guard. He is steadfast and friendly, and I appreciate of his commitment and loyalty to the Council. I also highlight his commitment as an usher at Immaculate Conception, where he demonstrates the same consistency and welcoming nature. And finally, for his assistance for our fellow Knights (and especially for Corky); he is always available to lend a ride or assistance.

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