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The Grand Knight Elect presented the following honors:

Family of the Month Award The Bradford Family – Dick and Sue: We truly appreciate their efforts in organizing and implementing a very holy and patriotic rosary that celebrated the importance of our country, its history, those that have served, and those that lead us today. May we continue to embrace our faith and citizenship throughout the year. They also did an exemplary job of planning the event including the food and social get together that allowed many of us to reconnect after many months. We look forward to this being an annual event.

Knight of the Month Award John McFadden – John continues to be a steadfast supporter of faith, life, and country. Over the last month he has organized the Council’s involvement in the Memorial Day ceremony at Dulaney Valley, led an Immaculate Conception Donor Team for the Walk For Life, and led the monthly rosary. He is active in many faith and outreach activities at the Immaculate Conception, is a mentor to high school students and as a family man, cares deeply for his children and grandchildren.

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