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Tootsie Roll Program 2018 Recap

Westminster, MD - June 1, 2019 -

Special thanks to all the Grand Knights and their councils who participated in the 2018 Intellectually Disabled (aka “Tootsie Roll”) Campaign. The final numbers are in and once again Knights throughout Maryland did a remarkable job in supporting those with intellectual disabilities in our communities. In fact, over the past fraternal year, 94 councils participated in the program, an effort that resulted in approximately $162,000 being distributed among 105 organizations in Maryland!  Needless to say, this a wonderful example of how “putting our faith in action” can truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many individuals who depend on the Knights of Columbus- and our passion for serving others. 

Additional thanks to program chairmen Mark Mangus and Craig Clagett for their leadership and commitment to the program and to all the district deputies and State leaders who supported it, as well. It was a true team effort and I am thankful for the time and energy that Knights throughout Maryland dedicated over the past year to such a noble cause.

Vivat Jesus!

Terry J. Waters, PGK, FDD Maryland State Community Program Director Knights of Columbus

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