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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Our speaker was Sam Reilly. Sam is an attorney and President of the Union Mills Homestead in Carroll County, Maryland.

Sam’s talk was titled “Bark, Boards & Barrels” an exposé on two centuries of Agricultural Industry at Union Mills Homestead. During the civil war area and prior, Union Mills was an industrial powerhouse for Carroll County.

The Union Mills Homestead, the Shriver family homestead for six generations, is a historic landmark located seven miles north of Westminster, Maryland, and 17 miles south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This museum of American rural culture features original artifacts — everything is much the same as when the Shriver family lived there. Tours of the main house, blacksmith shop and functioning grist mill offer a step into the past. Its cultural and Civil War history make Union Mills Homestead a popular destination for school groups and history buffs. The beautiful gardens and rustic meeting barn provide a scenic venue for weddings and gatherings.

The Shriver’s is one of the most documented family in American History, second only to the Adams Family.

Click on the image for more photos.

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